Travel aware

Travel Insurance

The safety and wellbeing of our customers is our primary objective. That’s why travel insurance has been included in your package. You should check that it meets with your requirements and is fully fit for purpose. You may opt out if you wish if you advise us prior to making your booking and your price will be discounted accordingly. Either way, it is a condition of booking that you have comparable and adequate cover in place.

Many schools have some travel insurance in place with the RPA (or other commercial insurers), but it would be wise to check this cover carefully to verify that it covers you for all elements of any trip to be undertaken if you are choosing to opt out.

Details of levels of cover and terms and conditions can be found in the following policy documents. You should have received this by separate cover if insurance is included in your package. Please ensure that the policy wording is made available to all those travelling. If you have opted out of the travel insurance provided by us and have made your own arrangements, best practice suggests you should make sure that the policy cover you have organised independently is made available to all those travelling within your group.

Passports & Visas

For overseas trips you will need to ensure that every member of your group has valid documentation to travel. You should ensure that any applications for required documentation are made in good time so that they are received well before you depart.


A full valid passport will be required, and for some destinations it will be necessary to have an extended period of validity beyond the end of the trip. It is essential that the names you supply to us on your passenger list (particularly for groups travelling on flights) match the names that appear on the passports. Discrepancies may result in additional charges, and even refusal to travel. For up to date information regarding applying for a passport go to

Collective Passports

For some trips a Collective Passport may be used for qualifying groups. However, they are not accepted in all cases so you should double-check in advance if you are considering this option. Please check out the following link for further details:


Some countries require an entry visa for the duration of your stay. It is important to note that a visa may be required by a non UK passport holder that is not required by a UK passport holder. We recommend you check with the relevant embassy or consulate without delay as visa applications can take several weeks to organise.


You should obtain a GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card) or only if you have rights under the Withdrawal Agreement, an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) well before leaving the UK. For most people, the GHIC replaces the existing EHIC for new applications although you can typically use an EHIC if you have one prior to expiry date. Both are free and you should beware of unofficial websites that may charge you a fee when you apply. Neither the GHIC nor EHIC are a substitute for travel insurance as you will not be covered for medical repatriation, on-going medical treatment or treatment of a non-urgent nature. Remember - each person in your group requires a card. You can presently use a GHIC while visiting EU countries, although further countries may yet be added to the list.


Before You Go

Further details on travelling abroad can be obtained by visiting the Government website at which provides important information on all the destinations we feature, as well as travel tips, checklists and safety videos and guidance on staying safe and healthy abroad. You should visit this in advance and are advised to sign up for email alerts for your chosen destination. You can also follow FCDO Travel on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Sustainability & Responsible Tourism

We take our responsibility to the environment seriously. We are mindful that the landscape and environment plays a vital role in everything from winter sports in the mountains to activities on the lakes or fields and we rely on, and are thankful for, the goodwill and generosity of our hosts and facilities in destinations around the world. As tourists we are privileged to have the opportunity to travel, explore and appreciate life away from home and share collective responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the world we inhabit together. We can all make a difference by:

 ·         Using the rubbish bins/bags on coaches and aeroplanes to dispose of waste both appropriately and responsibly

·         Respecting the environment (lakes, ski resorts/mountains, sports facilities) in all the destinations we use

·         Adhering to local regulations, customs & cultures within places of worship, historical sites, villages, towns & cities

·         Recycle paper, plastics, bottles and other elements when travelling or in destination

·         Only print whenever necessary and keep tickets, itineraries and guidelines online or on devices whenever possible

·         Using water sparingly and responsibly in accommodations and other venues and using showers rather than baths

·         Only putting out towels and other items for washing in accommodations as and when really necessary

·         Using re-usable water bottles and other re-usable items